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What Wild Imaginations!

one forms where dear self is concerned! How sure to be mistaken!

3 January 1988
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Rachel, lover of faeries and fantasies. An American transplant formerly living in Dingle Town, in County Kerry, Ireland, she now resides in Leicester, England. Was a British Literature major minoring in History in her undergraduate career, and is now working towards her MA and hoping to get a PhD in Victorian Studies. Writer, dreamer, romantic at heart. Studies Pre-20th Century British Literature and History in university. Interested in Colum and Ashley, Victorian era, the French Revolution, European history, music, Ioan Gruffudd, Cillian Murphy, Hugh Dancy, faeries, theatre, classical jewelry, dressing up, museums, and Disney. Music, Disney, and writing are large obsessions.

This journal is friends' only, but if you have any interests similar to mine or you have seen me in a comm and would like to friend me, just leave me a comment and go right ahead.

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